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January 25, 2005 / TildeWill

Adventures in Will’s Mouth -or- Work is the Pits

Starting last Friday my back, upper left (my left) molar area started to feel funny. I thought I had a piece of food stuck up there until I underwent a rigorous brushing. There was no change after brushing so I concluded that it was not food. Pain increased linearly with time until about Saturday evening. It wasn’t a continuous pain, it only hurt when I opened my mouth really wide. I could open it about 75% of the maximum span without trouble, beyond that I was looking at some hurting.

Last night i took a look in the mirror and couldn’t see anything, but a finger probe comparison revealed that the area was swollen behind my teeth. So it isn’t a tooth ache, at least not any existing teeth. Last Friday I described the sensation as teething to Meg. Anyway now I’m afraid I’ve got a random tooth coming in (since my wisdom teeth were pulled) or that I’ve got some funky bone growth. Then, driving around today I’m stretching my mouth to see how far I can push it without breaking down in tears and I look inside my mouth via the rear view mirror. I’ve got lots of sun light so I can see better than yesterday. Guess what I see! A canker sore. WTT? Do these painful mouth sores know no bounds? I thought the were only for gums before, then I got them on my tongue, and now on my jaw line. Anyway it seems that it has become swollen thanks to it’s location and all the rubbing and thus the hard to open mouth effect. No tooth ache, no dentist trip.

The other thing this post is about is work. Today has been rough. For the past two days I’ve been battling with an application that got corrupted on the Monday refresh. I managed to restore a way old version that doesn’t do anybody any good. So my boss, Dave drops in with “the solution”. Go through all the data sources and make sure they were exported from Oracle correctly. As you do so, document which files are being used. WTT? Document while debugging, this is unheard of. This man has a serious addiction to documentation. I don’t mind leaving some notes behind so someone can find their way through the mess. But no one is ever going to read the level of detail he is requiring. All the fun in this job is gone and it’s writing up documentation on projects I know nothing about since I had no involvement in their creation or revisions. It is slow, tedious, and doesn’t make me think creatively at all. I wanted to quit so bad today, just walk out. But that’s what I always do when a job sucks. It’s kinda tough to walk out on a job that pays so well and affords me my own office and such. So I’m sticking it out, but let there be no mistake, I am not enjoying this.



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  1. Brittany / Jan 25 2005 2:27 pm

    I totally understand what you mean. It’s not that I even particularly hate the tasks assigned to me, but I don’t want to be in the Chairman’s office so I continually find myself staring off in to space, followed by breif interludes of furious work. But everyday I get up and think, I don’t want to go in there today, today is the day I might screw up really badly. It just makes me nervous as all hell.

  2. You / Jan 25 2005 3:36 pm

    Dude — that’s part of growing up. I guess part of growing up is realizing that you have to do stuff that you may not like or may not want to do for the sake of the long term view. Simply put, it’s a matter of stand fast when you can and compromise when you must.

    Oh, and ALL jobs will have some aspect you may not like or some aspect you may not be overly fond of. But then, in exchange for the parts that you’re keen on (and hopefully the stuff you’re keen on outweighs the stuff you don’t like), you’re willing to take the crappy stuff. That’s growing up.

    Welcome to the rest of your life. 😉

  3. debbie read / Jan 25 2005 5:10 pm

    Years two thru five of Dad’s job pretty much sucked, but he had a wife and kid to support (that would be you) and needed the job. Once he got a new boss and different work environment, it’s been as good as any job, and he’s now on his 26th year!

  4. Dickersonian / Jan 26 2005 9:58 am

    I’m commenting on the first part… maybe you got ORAL HERPES! You can be the dude on the advert saying “My oral herpes will never go away, but I can control the outbreaks with FlippyFly’s magic cream.”

  5. Lina / Jan 26 2005 11:32 am

    When ever you feel your job is rough, give Gourry a call. The stuff he puts up with is amaizing. Here’s three fun e-mails I got from him in the last 24 hours.

    “Fuckshitdamn. I have to deal with a whiney-ass driver who doesn’t want to do the job he has been assigned to do, another driver who never came back in with the truck last night and is still out-of-reach, and Steve is God knows where.”

    “Debtor here getting vehicle. Craig popped the linkage off because it was 4wd, and never put it back on. Thus, I can’t move it. He’s up in Southfield, and Steve wouldn’t be able to walk me through putting the linkage back on, so he called Craig back here to put it on. Craig’s quitting.”

    “Steve and Rae are fighting again, so she hasn’t come in yet and has her fucking phone off. I’m fucking swamped over here and Steve went out looking for her.”

    Craig=1 of 4 day drivers
    Raechel=owner’s wife, Gourry’s assistant and only other office assistant. She quit after the fight.

  6. Mom / Jan 27 2005 2:43 pm

    You’ve had a problem with canker sores since you were 4 years old. The Dentist said after kids have had chicken pox, the virus can reappear in the form of canker sores, cold sores, and shingles. Hopefully the new chicken pox vaccine will spare younger generations this misery. Then they won’t need Flippy Fly’s magic cream.

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