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January 23, 2005 / TildeWill

Gift Giving and Money

I hate saving. The idea makes me cringe. I know the value of saving, and I’ve done the math with interest a million times both for class and on my own, but the principle of my work not paying off immediatly eats away at my soul.

I like to enjoy my money, but not JUST enjoy it, I like to enjoy it with other people. I love picking up the tab at dinner with a friend, or taking Meg out to a movie. I like to see the smile on someone’s face when they’re surrounded by good company, and if that means I had to go out and buy the supplies for a party, so be it. It is way worth it in my book.

This holiday season I gave a lot of gift certificates to restaurants and plays because I like to see people out there interacting with eachother. People sometimes tell me I don’t need to do that. To me I work eight hours a day, and if all I do is come home, leave my money in a bank, then what reward am I really getting from my job? Spending that cash with people I love makes work bearable. Yes I know there are plenty of ways to have a good time without spending cash, but it doesn’t enhance the job satisfaction.

It isn’t so much that I have uncontrollable habits that send me into a sprial of debt, quite the opposite actually, I can live on a shoe string an bubble gum to avoid debt. Just a matter of what I get out of using my money.



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  1. Nads / Jan 23 2005 7:24 pm

    Saving makes no sense when you are as young and as cash-strapped as us, Will. You have to look at your money like an economist would. You have very little money now, so the opportunity cost of saving what little money you have is way higher than any interest you could earn on it if you socked it away. So spend, spend, spend, at least until you have a greater earning potential.

  2. Kim / Jan 23 2005 7:46 pm

    I’m the same way with money. Since I have a full time job when most of my friends are still finishing up college, I love to pick up the tab now and again.

    It’s hard saving money for other stuff, though- but life is short, and it’s important to do what you can. Enjoy it!

    If you’re in Cinci, that’s awesome… if you and Meg are in town, it’d be awesome to meet up!

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