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January 18, 2005 / TildeWill


Since I do so much driving lately I thought I’d post about some of my driving mentality. First off if I have passengers, especially a van load of people I tend to drive like a grandma, nice and slow. To me I’d want someone to drive with great care anytime I am his passenger. If it is just me and my girlfriend or someone I am very comfortable with and someone who trusts me then I don’t mind picking up a little more speed.

But I go fastest when I’m alone and have somewhere to be. Never anything super excessive but 10-15 over isn’t uncommon. Usually if I’m not on a time line or if I’m running ahead then 5-10 over is fine and I don’t worry about cops. 10-15 is a different story. Now I figure that I have seen some speeding cops just to keep traffic flowing but not 10-15 over so I don’t have to worry about them sneaking up on me. That limits my scanning area to the cars I pass, cars entering the freeway, and cop cars in hiding.

The hiding ones are pretty easy to avoid. There are common hiding areas, over hills, behind bridge supports, etc. So you can either slow down around these areas or better yet become part of a pack. Find some cars moving the same speed as you want to and join in. Try not to be first or last so you aren’t an easy target and the first car will see the staked out cop and will slow down for you.

Cars to the side are no problem if you have a marked car. Unmarked cars are a little more tricky. You’ve got to look for the government plats and the extra antennas. They’re usually navy in color and are clean, and big like an Oldsmobile. That’s another thing, cop cars have to be some of the best maintained cars out there, always super clean and never any burnt out lights. The same goes for cars entering the expressway.

So there ya have it. These are the things that go though my brain when the pedal is to the metal.

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