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January 17, 2005 / TildeWill

Weekend? Check!

This weekend was of course Ohayo Con proceeded by the fencing Demo at the mall. The mall demo went very well and I realized there was no way I could have done it without all the people who showed up. This was different from our normal demos in that you couldn’t really stop fencing or you lose your audience completely. The flip side is that when people were fencing, the jaws of the passers by dropped, people stopped in their tracks to watch and tons of people got exposed to fencing. I had made up about 300 cards with our club info on it and probably handed out about 200. I also had a set of class sign up sheets and probably passed out 20 of those. Tonight is the first class so we will see who shows up. All in all the mall demo was a blast and ended up recruiting a few people from Purdue for their club as well. My parents showed up and they were a huge help. Everyone was dead tired at the end including myself.

Then I climbed in a car and drove for 3.5 hours.

I got to the hotel in Columbus, OH at 12:45 am. People were still up since Mike insisted on a booze run. I thought they were all nuts but it was good to be greeted by awake friends instead of sneaking around in the dark. Jenny and Anthony were in our room and Caroline (from their little anime club in Livonia) and Mike (who they knew from online forums) were staying in the room next door.

The con was great and our costumes were great. I’ve got pictures and I’ll post them when life slows down enough for me to upload them. We spent tons of time in the dealer’s room. All I got there was a anime-esque tear drop that clips in your hair and a photo of Meg and I cosplaying as Ayato and Mishima from RahXephon. There was no Japanese candy or drink (I was really looking forward to some Ramune). I’d put the con on par or just slightly above C-Kon from last year in South Bend. Ohayo Con was probably a little better organized but C-Kon was more condensed and you didn’t have to walk 200 miles up 6 million steps to get where you wanted to go. Points for Ohayo Con’s facilities having a food court though. It was nice to not have to go hunting for lunch. I would have liked to have stayed in the hotel convention center instead of 20 minutes away since walking in the cold sucked.

It was good to see jenny and Anthony of course (and Meg too!). I only get to see the two of them a few times a year so that really felt good to see them at New Year’s and again this weekend. I didn’t really click with the new people, Mike, Caroline, John, or Meg (John’s wife). I don’t know if it was the age gap or what. I guess I kinda get turned off when people start getting into all the RPG’s and games and anime titles I haven’t seen. I don’t know who has voiced what or composed this or that. I just watch anime to enjoy the anime and I don’t really spend a lot of time beyond that. *shrug*

We did run into April and company while waiting in line for the concert. We didn’t say anything to each other and that was fine with me. I think April gave Jenny a hug though. Lots of people stopped me to take my picture. I’m probably part of 30 people’s photo library now. It felt good to be asked to stop and have my picture taken. Apparently no one cosplays as Ayato, very few Mishimas so that felt good too. Meg wants me to be Amon from Witch Hunter Robin next time. She also tried to get us talked into going to con in California this summer. Con’s are expensive, especially when you are covering two people and new costumes. That weekend probably cost me close to $750 between costume supplies, hotel, gas, food, admission, and loot. And the week she was talking about is the week I wanted to go to fencing nationals which won’t be cheap either. Don’t get me wrong, I had a blast, I just don’t need to spend that kind of cash on this kind of event more than once a year.

[EDIT] I wanted to convey here that Meg and I had a blast at the con, but that it is also an expensive endeavor. Meg does appreciate it and I was more than happy to spend the money.

Well tonight is the beginner’s class and I need to plan what we’re going to do. I also need to actually do some work today since I took Friday off and didn’t get all the documentation done that I had wanted. I’ll probably post this evening about the turnout of the beginner class as a result of the mall.


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  1. Lina / Jan 17 2005 2:50 pm

    “I didn’t really click with the new people”

    Really? I thought it went well though Caroline is a bit of a culture shock by herself, stupid yaoi. When you get a chance head over to Nexus. There’s an ‘aftermath’ thread of sorts. You can steal pics from there as you like when we get them posted.

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