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January 10, 2005 / TildeWill

The Worst Thing Ever

I just finished watching an anime series called Excel Sage which was way to nuts-o for the first 23 episodes (out of 26). The next two finally got down to business, and the last one was right up my alley with implied nudity, toilet humor, and excessive blood. But I like a refined type of entertainment too.

For Christmas Jenny and Anthony got me His and Her Circumstances. I’m only on the third episode but already some of the things the characters are going through ring true to my own life in high school. The one that came to mind however does not apply to me, or rather the opposite applies. That thing is feeling that you don’t have control over the things you should have control over.

In the anime the character Arima feels that he has to be perfect, and he finds that he is missing out on a whole different person when he starts to spend time with this girl. However, he fears this other self that he has buried, that it will be the worst person ever, that this other person will fall right in line with his blood line of being the black sheep of the family. His parents abandoned him and the only memory he has of them is of his father slapping him. His uncle took him in and so Arima has made himself be perfect so as to not let down his uncle for whom he cares deeply but is unable to show as much.

He fears that it is his fate to be a terrible person that it is out of his control. To me, he is more wrong than anybody else, for if he possesses the power to make himself into a perfect person, then he, more than all the other people, has the power to control who he does and does not become. He has the choice and the will to make the right decisions to take him down the path he desires. But he is afraid so much that he cannot move or even begin to look down this path. Yes, there are many things in life that you cannot control and those things are ok to feel helpless about. There are many things that we can affect, but not control completely, and there are some things that are ours and ours alone. It is foolish to let go of those precious few things that we have a real say in, and to be fearful that “fate” or “destiny” might screw them up.



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  1. Lina / Jan 11 2005 2:30 pm

    So do you like it?

    I’ve only watched about 1/2 of the series. I enjoyed it because it captures the stupid feelings and crazy reasoning I had at that age almost perfectly. The me today that will recognize how dumb some of the views are, but the me 10 years ago is right there with the characters.

    As for the overview, I agree that relenquishing control of the few things you have control over is dumb, but I identify with that attitude the most. When you go overboard in one direction going overboard in the other is such a relif. Then you learn that somewhere in the middle is who you really are and where you are most happy. My reasons for my actions lie more in line with the guy than the girl in the series.

  2. Will / Jan 11 2005 4:39 pm

    I love the series so far. I still like RahXephon the best, but I’m only one disc into this. I identify a lot with both characters, or at least what they think and how I’ve thought those things or thought around those things. Like she freaks out all the time about what someone else thinks (usually Arima) when in truth he probably doesn’t think anything at all about it. I think the lessons she may end up learning is that people are to concerned with their own lives to notice every time you make a mistake.

    I like the series too because it’s not painful to watch. You don’t feel like you’re banging your head against a wall trying to get these two together. They feel real. I guess if anything they feel so real that it takes away from the anime-ness of the show. But it is good none the less.

    I look forward to finding out.

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