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January 10, 2005 / TildeWill


Ugh it hurt to get up today as I’m sure it did for many of my college going friends. But alas I had mere work to tend to. It seems that the blog spammers have discovered that the trackback comments are not filtered by the black list plugin I use so I’ve turned off trackbacks for the moment until I can add those comments to be searched as well.

I thought about my cookies some more. The batter tasted ok, not great, but ok. Part of the problem is I didn’t measure everything super carefully (a little extra brown sugar, a little less flour). I think I also had too much butter since I only had 3/4 of a cup in stick form so I had to improvise with spoons of tub butter. Regardless of how much you think it’ll be okay to not grease the cookie sheet, you MUST grease the cookie sheet. Since the batter didn’t taste great I added some more sugar which I think cured in the oven making the cookies extra crunchy which I hate in my cookies. Oh and I didn’t have any baking soda. Hmmmm. I’ve learned a lot from this mistake. And yes, I did try to eat a cookie on my way out the door this morning, and yes, it still tasted terrible.

During my lunch I went to Tippecanoe Mall and dropped off the signed copies of the lease for Friday’s demo. The woman I’m dealing with was out sick today and the insurance hasn’t processed (who knew USFA would be slow!?!?!). Adrienne L. and Anne R. have said they’d help and I think Big Joe and Mike will probably also help along with Sam and Steve making my 7. So everything is in order, it just needs to fall into place.

Meg’s costume for Ohayo Con will be done Wednesday, she says it looks great. I need to pick up my unitard this week and put a few trinkets on that and the vest and I’ll be ready to rock too. I’m pretty excited about cosplaying. I hope I get some fan girls to hang all over me. Mmmm fan girls. I also like that Meg and I are playing characters from the same anime that are more or less a couple (she’s his child hood friend/love, and sometimes she’s kinda imaginary, but imaginary in the sense that she’s always there to support him especially when he needs her). My character pilots a big mech (robot) and kicks major bad guy butt.

4 days till the fun and chaos!



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  1. Jacqui / Jan 10 2005 3:53 pm

    Baking is even more tricky than just “regular” cooking, because baking usually involves an exact chemical composition in order for it to “work.” There is little room for experimentation, as there would be if you were doing something other than baking, because any little change can throw the whole balance off and then things don’t react properly with each other. Of course, you know this already. 🙂

    (P.S. A little known secret to cookie-making is to use parchment paper on top of the cookie sheet. Aside from helping them to lift straight off and no mess on the sheet itself, parchment paper is also heat resistant and helps your cookies not to burn on the bottom!)

  2. Someone / Jan 10 2005 4:32 pm

    Cooking is more of an art while baking is more of a science. You can cook by “feel” (as a lot of the best chefs create) but you can’t do the same for baking. If you try to bake by “feel”, you end up with results much like those cookies you produced.

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