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January 7, 2005 / TildeWill

The End is Near

This week is coming to an end. It turns out that I will not be able to get my embroidered patches in time so I guess that takes care of my questions there. I may just find a blank patch and marker the hell out of it. I may just go without.

I picked up some more sewing tools last night including a crazy marker that wipes off with a damp cloth or evaporates after 72 hours. Way cool and way better than chalk or colored pencil. Speaking of cool things I need a fogscreen.

I ran my web stats for this month just to see what was up. I’ve got a high number of visits but I think a lot of that can be attributed to spam comments. I also looked at the search terms and saw that “jess marting” was in there for three hits and I can almost guarantee that the surfer is her new flame. I don’t know if it is a good thing or not that he’s reading my blog but if he has questions I’d encourage him to ask them.

I can get the insurance I need for next Friday though USFA despite the initial “no you can’t do that mid year” that I got from the admin assistant at USFA. All I can say is that people better sign up or I may be eating nothing but romin for the next few months. Not to mention that taxes are just around the corner. This year is gonna be a mess. I think I counted like 5 W-2’s I should be getting, Purdue, Jefferson High, Manpower (Alcoa), L&D Mail Masters, and D&B Software Solutions. Yeesh. Not to mention the complication of running my own business. It has been a crazy year indeed.


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