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June 18, 2004 / TildeWill

The Return

Ok so a few things have been leading up to this. First off, I haven’t touched my old website in forever. Partially because it was a pain to update, partially because I had no time, partially because I had nothing new to say. Next I’ve been reading everyone else’s blogs and I was starting to feel stalkerish and I imagine having my own blog will help reduce that feeling.

I also have been missing the days of the Thought of the Day or my Grey Matters. I won’t make any promises about how often I intend to post, but I’m sure it’ll be pretty regualrly at first then slow down as life picks back up.

I’m using a product called WordPress. There are some links on here floating around that willl get you there. So far it is pretty sweet. I need to spend some time and make the template not suck but that part is pretty easy to do. I think I will attach some sort of photo album to this thing and call it a site. I’ve given up on my History of Will (HOW) project for the time being. It’s been an interesting few years for the internet. Most everyone is off dial-up and into the broadband scene, and a surprising portion of those people are also wireless. I even talked the parents into getting wireless a few months back. Too bad my laptop burns my lap if I leave it there too long.

That’s all I’m gonna say for now. I have lots more to say, but then I also have lots more to do. So long as I don’t get hit by a bus I’ll tell you more next time.


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