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June 18, 2004 / TildeWill

I wish you weren’t a liar

Ok, so I really wanted to have a photo album here and show you neat pictures like this one. However it works out that WordPress is a total gump when it comes to managing files. Anyway this is a picture I took of Heather and Anne this past weekend. If you’ve read Plato you’d say that the tree in the background was “the form of tree”. I took the picture with my Philips wearable digital camera which fits easily in my pocket and has no flash and takes small pictures (320 x 240). It’s a nice little thumb drive with 64 MB on it.

The weekend was great. So great in fact that after I got home and the glow wore off life seemed kinda crappy in comparison. I got to fence, golf, hang with great friends, laugh hard, and meet some new people. There was a party Friday night at which Heather set out to get “tore up” and she acheived her goal. I passed out since I had to be up again at 6 am to help Charlie Cove of MMFA set up his fencing tourney so I could fence in it. Anne however was a much etter friend than I and found Heather stumbling around and held her hair back till about 3am. Anne rocks.

Everyone should have an Anne.



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  1. Anne / Jun 26 2004 11:45 pm

    Word, yo.

  2. Anne / Jun 26 2004 11:46 pm

    Also, glad you had a great time! We here in the greater Lansing area aim to please. Come back any time.

  3. Me / Aug 17 2004 2:22 pm

    Yes, I DID have an Anne. I lost her. It was heart rending. I hope you never lose yours dude.

    Interesting blog.

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