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May 5, 1998 / TildeWill

May 5, 1998

I’m learning stuff, about myself and my views on life.  I’ve decided I should take some time and chat with Melissa Garr about life, her having a near death experience herself.  I noticed that many teens anxiously await the place in life that we’ve spent so long preparing for already, but it seems to be at the end of your life far beyond your prime, maybe it’s even after death.  I went to visit my grandma in her new place (it’s a nursing home) which was very sobering.  Right now if I became a vegetable like her or worse I’d want someone to end my life for me.  I could not tolerate being so incoherent, and having people look right through me as if I weren’t even there.

I’ve got some more ideas. Build a “radio station” via this little catalog and communicate between the vans that way. I’ll need a good soldering iron first though. And I need to get the camera blimp project off the ground. The radio station will need 2 things a transmitter and a microphone input. The microphone needs some sort of interpreting device though.

Annotation on 11/15/1999: Will, yer a geek


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